Hows the design?


Hey, I’ve never been great at design but I quite like this one now, used a layout from wix and remade it in php, the link is here

If any of you would change anything, feel free to say :stuck_out_tongue: My very first design was horrendous, this is a big improvement from it haha


This website look great! nice design! good job!


Good job indeed. By the way, have you used a template here?


Yeah, I used a template in wix, then rewrote it from scratch due to not being able to get any usable source code from the site haha :stuck_out_tongue:
It still always looked a bit tacky with the old background though, so I just made a new one before posting here and was like cool lol (and thought now i’ve got that sorted, it’d be nice to get feedback on other bits that need changing) :slight_smile:


Add some padding to the containers and a bit of tweaks, other than that the template looks great! ^^


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