HTTP ERROR 500 please help


please help site emphasized text_/ Thank you!


Hi @alexnymous
Put php_value display_errors 1 in your .htaccess file


Issue fixed you had to move your WordPress files to public_html folder.
Now set your database credentials :slight_smile:


I move my WP files on public_html folder


I did it for you.
Just open wp-config.php and input the correct database credentials :slight_smile:


Like db-name, db_user & db_pwd?


Yes, create a new database and input your credentials there :slight_smile:


In WP-config, i changed my credentials in public html but i still had : “Error establishing a database connection”


What are your db name and database?


Your database is empty :slight_smile:
DB name: id4175271_portfolio
DB user: id4175271_alexnymous


@alexnymous @alexnymous @alexnymous @alexnymous @alexnymous

Are you yet to install WordPress? Is that what you are trying to do please reply :slight_smile:


i know i delete db to fix it the correct pwd and id but now i didn’t upload the db


Ah okay, once you’ve uploaded the DB it should work like before.

If you just changed the password it should have fixed the problem however.


i instal WP on my computer ^^

but SInce one week i try to put online my portfolio


Let us know if it resolves once you’ve uploaded your database.

Depending on the size this may help @alexnymous


i dont’ remenber how upload db without have this problem :

Analyse statique :

1 erreurs trouvées lors de l’analyse.

Expression manquante. (near “ON” at position 25)
Requête SQL : Éditer Éditer


MySQL a répondu : Documentation

#1044 - Access denied for user ‘id4175271_alexnymous’@’%’ to database ‘wordpress’


it comes from creat database but i don’t where fix it


Before uploading turn off the check