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Hi 000webhost. Thanks for your great service.
I would like to ask why my site keeps beeng in admin review. How much more do I have to wait. How do I avoid this?



Your site is back online now?


Hi James. Thanks for your answer.

No, it’s not online… it redirects me to “free website under review”.

Could you please help me?



Are you able to visit, create a new email, signup a new account and upload your site again?


Hi James.

I will think of your suggestion.

But why should I create a new account, when I can use this one?

And why can’t I get my site reviewed?



Does that appear for you?


Yes it does. Do you need the credentials?

I protected the website to keep it private.


And it is still “under review” :frowning:


I have the same problem with my site (
I’ve read other post it says we have to send a ticket but I don’t know where to find “Submit a Ticket”…Hopefully someone can help us please…thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Hitori.

Thanks for your contribution. In the past, you could create tickets, now you are redirected to this forum…



Post a thread yourself with any issues you are having.
If your site is under review please give it a few days then still if nothing you are probably better off creating a new account on using new email address and re-upload your data.

Keep regular backups of your website, if your site/hosting goes down you are to blame if you are lacking your data and no one else - free hosting does not keep backups.


Hi James. I understand your point.

Now why should we create another account? Why a site keeps “under review” for ever, like my case?

Or should I delete the site and create a new site, instead of a new account?



Using the old panel if you delete the account I’m not sure you can create new accounts, or even without deleting the old one you can’t create new ones I don’t believe.

Not sure the free services used to have staff on hand to review sites etc but don’t know if they are still around as it is a free service it was probably too much to pay them etc so maybe there is still someone reviewing them but it might take ages as there is so many free sites - I really don’t know just guessing / incorrect info yada.


Hi James

I said: delete WEBSITE, not accounts. :slight_smile:

Does it make sense now?



Okay maybe a little so you login to the control panel and you’ve got your main account with your websites, if you delete a website - then it is deleted, using the old control panel you cannot create new websites.

New panel control panel allows you to create sites/ delete sites then create more etc, the old panel will not allow you to create a new website.


Where does it say this? When you try to click the link on your control panel to login?


Oh. Ok. I got it now! Thanks.

So there’s been an upgrade…

Question: if I delete my current account with my user… may I create a new account with the same username?



Nowhere… in the old days, you could… lol… Now you cannot.

Thanks for your assisntance.