I am Lee Hnetinka, Which company is good for a new domain hosting?


Hello Friends,

I am Lee Hnetinka, I want to know, which company is good for a new domain hosting?


If you need domain and want to park it here then i recommend you to buy from hostinger because then there will be no branding on your website.


You can use any domain registrar to buy domains. The criteria you can apply are (a) price, (b) control panel features, (c ) reliability, (d) customer service, (e) the currency you wish to pay with.

I use Mythic Beasts as the folks running it are serious sysadmins, and the DNS records editor is pretty good. However, editing DNS records is not for beginners, so shop around depending on your knowledge.


Hi @LeeHnetinka!

Freenom provides free domain names, but their TLNs (Top Level Name) are not very helpful in SEO ranking because they are widely abused, precisely because they are free. I’d keep these domains for testing and learning purposes only.

If you are planning on starting a business, I suggest you to buy a paid, more ‘certified’ TLN: .com, .org. On Hostinger you’ll find a very cheap TLN at only $0.99 per month: .xyz


Thank you so much…