I am not able to access my website account anymore


I hosted my website on 000webhost and installed wordpress on it… The website is still running but I cannot access my wordpress account plus I do not find my website in this 000webhost account any longer


Hi @AndrewMizo
What is the website in question?


The only site that appears under your account is https://motor-detail.000webhostapp.com/

And you have no data on that account.

Please provide a URL that we can check upon.




Hi @AndrewMizo!

Domain andrewandmuang.cf is linked to the website hosted on account with e-mail address sab**ta_@hotmail.com


I logged in using that email id and found only ‘unstudied parcel’ under ‘manage my websites’ section






Yes, because website motor-detail.000webhostapp.com is hosted for e-mail and****4@fms.edu

Your have two accounts on 000webhost, each one of them with one website hosted.