I am not getting the messages on my originl email


when I try to send email to no_reply@dzlinks.eu

I cant find it in mo orginal email


Did you receive my email?


nop I didnt :frowning: ;( receive


so what I have to do


Hi @raskase
Try deleting the email forwarder and setup it again


I did but still the same




this email is not the same with my login email


Is this is the email on which you want to receive messages


yes this one assassi123370@gmail.com but the problem is even the login email not working I just did tryit


if you want I can but your email ther to test it


I have sent you a email have you received it?


nop I didnt :frowning: what is the problem ?


Check your spam messages




Can you show me the screenshot of your primary mail



Look these things in your Gmail.

  1. See your trash if there is any email

2.Settings->Inbox->Inbox Type set to Classic view.

3.Look in Settings->Filters and Settings->Forwarding see if it is set to anything.




See filtered and block addresses