I bought PRO and didn't receive it


I payed for PRO for 000Webhost, but after payment (which somehow was redirected to Hostinger???) I still get prompted to upgrade. All I want is to not have my server sleep and have 99.9% uptime. I don’t want to change domain or service or anything. Why can’t I just get pro on 000webhost?

Can I get a refund if I cannot simply purchase no website sleeping…


Everything is moved to Hostinger when you upgrade - you no longer use 000webhost

Hostinger has a richer featured cPanel, no limits and no sleeping.


How do I know my website is working then? It’s still a subdomain of 000webhost.


Hi what do you see when you login to Hostinger.com?


It shows that it’s ‘hosting’ my subdomain with 000webhost, but when I manage it, it says: ‘Your domain is not pointing to our name servers’.


Hmm very odd when you took the package out did it not say you qualify for a free domain?

Are we talking about https://recursionassets.000webhostapp.com/ yes?


Yes that’s the correct domain, and I’m still getting ‘Website is temporary sleeping’.


The upgrade link on the site itself is different from the one I used on the panel.

But when I try to get the ‘Single Shared Hosting’ it doesn’t give me the [46% OFF] as advertised here:

EDIT: Ah, I see the discount is only for big purchases of 48 months.

Can I get a refund for the initial purchase and try to get this ‘Shared Hosting’ thing?


Just hit the live chat up on Hostinger and get a refund let me know if you have any issues getting one.

Or explain what you want and hopefully they’ll help you.


Alright, will do. I want the Single Shared Hosting right?


Yep, if that fits your needs :wink: