I can not change the Sleep of my site


Button UPDATE is disabled.


try logging into your cpanel in incognito and changing the sleep time also i don’t think you can change it while it’s sleeping


When the site is sleeping I do not have access to CPANEL…

That’s why I created a topic.
I think it’s a restriction for the user not being able to change all the time.


If there is no solution the moderator can lock the topic …


What timezone and time would you like to set?


-2 (São Paulo - Brazil).
Appears to be configured correctly:

I just want to change to 3AM (dawn), but if I had no possibility…


@WebMaster88 what is your account email?


@hexa rpgcoffee@gmail.com


Alright, I changed rpgmaker’s sleep time to 3:00 AM


@ckhawand thank you.


Glad the issue is now resolved. Best of Luck! :slight_smile: