I can't connect in my bdd



I allow myself to do this topic because I can not connect my 000webhost database to my JAVA application developed on the eclipse IDE.
Can you please tell me the steps to follow and the data needed to succeed this.

In any case know that I like the simplicity of your site, it is very ergonomic, if I can do what I need I intend to invest in a paid database at home.

Sincerely Tony


Sure, remote database is not available on free plans
I recommend upgrading


oh :frowning:

I wanted to test before upgrading, thank you for the information.


I’m so sorry about that :confused:


Hi @tonydev!

You can buy a paid plan on Hostinger and then request a refund if you are not satisfied :wink:



If I subscribe to your service 2 € per month, can I link the database to an application that I will develop myself in JAVA?


The second plan does it :slight_smile: “Premium web hosting”


the offer to 8.99 which promo 4.99 that must be taken if I want to exploit the database from my application that I myself developed?
The promotion lasts how long?
4.99 is it for life or for 1 year?

Thank you for all this information that is important, I must absolutely find a host for my professional project in training.


Sorry for the misunderstand, it is 4.99/month :slight_smile:


i need this offer for my application or i can take 1.99€?
3.99 / month is the promotion on the offer to 8.99 €?
This rate is valid how long do I subscribe?


You should take the 3.99 one because remote SQL is not available on the 1.99 one :slight_smile:
And it is 3.99/month, and you can subscribe to minimum 3 months, so the total would be 12$. :wink:


ok 3.99 offer is available how long?
The goal being to subscribe in the long run :).


The more you subscribe, the less the cost/month will be :slight_smile:
(Will add a screenshot, be patient…)


Okay, small misunderstanding, but you’ll save big with the 48 months plan! (Oh and you’ll get a free domain)


ok thank you for all the information you provided me as well as for your patience and speed of answers, by Monday I will certainly be a new subscriber within your company <3

happy new year and good health to you


We’re here to help, and we always aim for the better :slight_smile:
Have a good day too! :smile: