I can't connect to FTP


I did reset my password for ftp, It was working fine and all of the sudden it stopped working. And can’t make it work again.



Can you screenshot the print out of FileZilla or another FTP client?


I’ve attached the screenshot of the error. I’m encountering.



Can you check now please? :slight_smile:


Also having the same issue earlier today. Everything was correct.
Used Filezilla and SmartFTP.
File Manager would not work either.


Was working fine for me about 30min ago, then stopped all of a sudden… Now I cannot connect both directly to file manager or from my FTP.


@kevrawk Both 000webhost file manager and Filezilla is working fine. Try Now!!!


Nope… not working for me :frowning:


@kevrawk Are you still facing this issue??


not working for me either, keep getting to the login part then it just says error, waits 20 secs trys again and then fails to connect, ive reset router, uninstalled fiezilla and changed account password on here but still nothing.


According to this, FTP basically doesn’t work now, and won’t work for a while (A few days? A few weeks?)


@Chazus FTP works but due to simultaneous FTP connections FTP speed fluctuates. !!!

According to Andrius…Team is already working on improving FTP speed.


@akhilkumar332 I appreciate your help, but again the FTP is down (I noticed a number of new threads in this site). How often does this occur? It’s definitely affecting my workflow :frowning: Also, is there a way I can see/retrieve my old html folders? It looks like you guys threw everything away and I was unaware that my site was down when you guys revamped the site, resulting with me uploading files to the degree of what I remember how my site was arranged previously.


I thought this was a problem of just today, because I was working OK in this morning but after lunch it went down. By the other hand the main problem of this unsuitability FTP issue is the fact that it have more than a week! Please look for additional resources to fix it permanently!


@kevrawk @Arrancamos As this is a known issue…000webhost is working on the FTP issues and will be solved soon!!!