I cant delete zyro folder


I have a phpbb forum, but i instaled a home page from Zyro, now i cant delete it

Pls help me i dont wanna lost my forum page

Thanks you so much !


So what is your site please?


what actions have you tried?



The forum is http://pcommunity.tk


Open up public_html and delete index.html possibly and then the zyro folder no?


Your forum is still there you just need to remove the zyro files to let your forum appear first.

Or simply upload the index.php file from your phpbb zip install original file and it SHOULD work.


I want delete zyro folder, but i cant it


Can you try deleting from file manager.


Yeah do the web-based manager, some files just cannot be deleted by FileZilla because it can only see most of the files for Zyro.

If you can’t try the web-based manager, try renaming the zyro folder via FTP to something else and delete it; else enter the folder select all and delete?

You still need to upload the original phpBB index.php to restore order.


Finally i reset my website, so i installed Wordpress

Thanks you so much