I cant reach my web site!


My web page was working for years here. And i didnt saw the letter wich tells me to move to the new panel to 1 of May 2017. So i got time to do this ! But i cant reach my old control panel to do this. My web page is not in the list ! can some one help?? I saw that administrator opend for other users !
Can i get access to my old web page for moving to a new pannel?


What is your website address?


this is my web address - nhl.hostei.com


What happens when you login to the control panel here?


Sorry!! First was login to a new controll panel!! but now i am on old!! Thanks!
I dont know what was the problem!


The link I gave will allow you to login to the old control panel only to backup your files etc.


Sorry to abuse ! But when u gave me link i can access old panel but my web page was blocked ! and i cant get info for my FTP to save files. Today i want to try again your link but cant reach old panel!


@dirtyeyes What happens when your login to old panel??
Post the screenshot!!!


Log out of 000webhost.com

Visit https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=old

Try to login using your old details?


Thanks guys a lot!! But i think i got problem on problem with my luck!! My web page i suspended)
Suspended (Account sent more than 1000 email messages and only gets 3 visitors per day. This overloads our mail server. If you need to send more emails and to get your account re-activated, please upgrade to our premium UNLIMITED hosting at www.hosting24.com)


@dirtyeyes Create a new account with new email id…then upload your website and go live.
New panel doesn’t have issues like this.

Or Else Upgrade to premium.


Thanks a lot!! Sorry )) I love your services ! you always got nice suport!! if i can rate this some how give me the link)!


If you need anymore help do post back! :smiley: