I cant seem to send mail from my website


Yes. But you can export/import as well. I am exporting the database as well.

Note though that if you will delete the current site you will loose the free subdomain forever


is it okay to backup but not delete the current site?


Yes. The idea is to send the e-mail from another site, that’s all.


okay sir :slight_smile: where would i get the backups? :slight_smile:


I’ll send them to you over private message in around 5 minutes.


okay sir thank you very very much :slight_smile:


how do i extract? it keep getting error



It’s looks like the same for me.
I used 20 mails on 50 (so 30 left) but it’s not working.
Seems to be block at 20 mails.
any Idees ?
Best regards


i get the same problem stuck at 20


@mantas.daraciunas any issue with sendmails?


i havent yet have 100% quota but i cant send mail :frowning:


my website is https://bisutownorg.000webhostapp.com/index.php


are there updates sir?


@Icon1 https://www.000webhost.com/forum/uploads/default/original/2X/f/fb240426ede7dc38570e5867756f405d73aa4c23.png

Check your original thread, regarding solution for this issue.