I just bought the hostinger thing and my sites are still sleeping and I can't make a 3rd site


I just paid for hostinger and my sites are both still sleeping(been sleeping for several hours already) and I can’t create a 3rd site either. can I get some help here?


What are you looking to do?


be able to create a third site and not have my current 2 sites sleeping constantly.


If you bought a Hostinger plan, you need to log into Hostinger and make a new site there. :slight_smile:


ok, and what about my current 2 that keep sleeping? they have been sleeping for several hours so far and it really makes it annoying for the users on my game server. 1 site is our loading screen and the other one is our donation site


I can wake them up. I just need the website URL’s. Then, you could transfer them to Hostinger. Staff will help you do that. There’s an option in the Hostinger control panel. :wink:


they are currently both sleeping. rapadantgaming and rapadantgamingdonations are the 2 sites. also with moving them to hostinger will I need 3 individual webhostings or will these not take up slots?


If you purchased the premium or business plan, you can move both sites. Otherwise, you can only move one.


ah, I see. would they need to be moved to stop the 1 hour sleeping per day? if so I’m simply going to leave them both on the 000webhost for now till my community can afford to upgrade the plan. I’m gunna use the 3rd site on hostinger for our ban appeal system


also I still have the donation page showing as sleeping. I also can’t access https://www.000webhost.com/members/website/list
it keeps auto refreshing on loop. I see the rapadantgamingdonations showing up as inactive and will wake up in 0h 0m 0s but the page keeps showing the sleeping screen and the panel is refreshing over and over


I fixed the one website now. The sites on Hostinger will not sleep, but the ones on 000webhost will. :slight_smile:


thank you for the help ^~^, before I go tho I just wanted to get a bit of info real quick regarding transfers. rn my 2 sites both have a seperate subdomain pointed at them from our main domain at rapadantnetworks.org. which would be donations. and loading. if I were to transfer in the future would I need to change any settings on my cloudflare DNS?


Yes. You’d need to repoint. If you questions, feel free to ask Hostinger support! :slight_smile: