I stay in free mode is I buy business offers what to do?


I’m trying to find out why when I buy my offers on the site nothing to change I’m always on mode free: /


Ah, login here


I have already logged in but when I created my free site it still write that I have to pay: /


Nope, you have to login to hostinger, not 000webhost :slight_smile:


ok but how to be on premium on 000webhost? because I want to keep the same site myself


You will keep the same website, however the cPanel and everything is moved to Hostinger powerful servers, please hit the dragon icon and contact their support so they move your website to there.


but where is the support is the dragon xD? I am bad or made it for me xd


Bottom right icon in hostinger cPanel.


could not do it for me? because my english is how to say? to ■■■■


Hmmm, I am not a hostinger staff, I do not have that power.
However give me you 000webhost email and hostinger ones so I tell them.


how to give everything away?


What are your 000webhost and hostinger accounts email.


do you have twitter or discord?




Yes, why? :slight_smile:


I have my password?


desolate if I bother you but here is my English is really bad


What do you mean by password? I dont need it.


nothing i thought i had to give my password but with you are personal you dont need me ^^! I’m a little long to understand English sorry! ^^


I’ll tell them to move your files :slight_smile: