I upgraded to hostinger but nothing happened


Hello, yesterday I had my site slepping until today, when it was waken and the ftp problem corrected. But yesterday, trying to solve this problem, I bought a pack from hostinger because it said: “upgrade to hostinger to never sleep again” a message of that sort.

So ok, I did it, but now what? I enter hostinger and try to transfer the website putting my url (https://pedrooacorsi.000webhostapp.com) there. but it asks me to upgrade, but i have alreadu upgraded…

my webhost accout is pedrooacorsi@gmail.com
my hostinger account is pedro.acorsi@gmail.com

what do i do?


Can you please send a screenshot?


first I clicked at upgrade to hostinger, but I did it yesterday and it still says that I have not upgraded

than I was redirected here and bought a 3 month pack

then I created my account at hostinger, but when I try to transfer my site it says I must upgrade, but Ive already upgraded as you can see on the fourth image

here is my cpanel at hostinger


Yeah, you now login to hostinger, just forget you have a 000webhost account :slight_smile:


Hi @accorci!

Also consider contacting Hostinger Support to migrate your site to their servers.