I upgraded to pro, but: Site is sleeping, Email doesn't work, cannot login anymore


I paid yesterday for 3 months of pro.

  • My website is still sleeping, for more than 24h
  • My email is not correctly receiving mail anymore (redirected to gmail)
  • I can’t login on hostinger anymore, specifically I get a bugged screen demanding a facebook access which I never gave because I don’t have a personal facebook. https://imgur.com/a/h37fc

Can anybody help, this seems so wrong


Try a different browser logging in with the email you used to sign up and see if it brings up Facebook still


Hi @JacopoAtz

Your 000webhost site is not the same as hostinger site.
You have to login at www.hostinger.com/cpanel-login

I saw your screenshot and i have forwarded it to developers. They will help you soon.

And can you give us your email?



I logged in, but my website is still sleeping. Shouldn’t it be always awake now that I’m a pro account?


You have to ask hostinger support to migrate it for you :slight_smile:

Hostinger staff wants you to contact them on support@hostinger.com so they investigate the issue with you