Indian Railways pnr status and train running status


I am working on developing a site for checking the pnr status and live running status information of Indian trains. I just uploaded the design. It is a responsive site. Here is the link

I am still working on functionality to display the pnr and train running status information. Please check this and provide me your feedback on this.


I like responsive sites. Try to decrease the font size of the table. It will look good on mobiles. Also implement the functionality to retrieve the pnr status and train running status information. It will be helpful for Indian railway passengers.


At the top, it seems that the word train is mispelled ([COLOR=“Red”]traing[/COLOR] running status)

Maybe a few pics of the trains would be cool?


Design looks good. Would like to know whether the api for indian railway is open? I tried to develop a website for the same but was not able to find the api for the service


Nice site. The design is very clean with the white background and red lettering. It made it very easy to read which I think will come in handy when people need to look at it quickly. Which is especially nice since you were clear you wanted a responsive design that was mobile friendly.


Nice looking site. Congrats here for a job well done!


Well i have register one domain name so how can i install on 000webhost please reply


Congrats Dude !
Site is really looking great .


Is this old site? New one?


Although it is a good startup for you but the design is not that good as far as I know about designing, you can make it more professional with the CSS and images also. Why not use grey background instead of that white background.


08-29-2014, 07:50 pm


Now it’s not working any more. Indian railway is now more careful about spam sites.


The site is looking great!
Throw some pics of trains on your site to give it a more brilliant look!