Install Maian Cart 3 on your website


MAIAN CART 3 is a free, fast and feature packaged PHP shopping cart to run on your website easily.

Head over to here:

To download the script :slight_smile:

At the time of writing the new release v3.1 was just uploaded.

So once downloaded I will then upload the .zip file to my hosting on 000webhost

Then I’ll launch unzipper.php in the browser to extract the files :slight_smile:

Seconds later

Now I’ll go do the boring database creation

Hit up and login, then hit manage database

Create a new database and type in some details you are able to note down to use in the installation steps.

Once the database has been created then head to connect.php within control within store within your public_html folder.

Use the details you’ve made a database with to fill in the configuration file.

Further down make sure to choose a secure random secret key

Save and close this file now head to access.php within control under admin under store under public_html

Choose a username and password to login with later.

Again save & close.

Now time to install your script!

Head to

So far so good

I’ll be installing the demo products just as an example.

Installation complete!

Head to /store/ and delete the /install directory.

Login to the backend now to list your products for sale and get your payment gateways setup.

Your site should be fully functional now!

To view a live demo of the front-end just visit it here -

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reply!


How do I edit the footer text or better remove it??


I have the same problem with the footer. I want to remove it and i don’t know how. Any advice?

Thank you


I think you are asking about the “powered by” added to bottom of screen. I have looked at the generated code and see that they insert a division <div>. You could add to the style sheet - div {display:none} this would require you use a class= for all your other divisions with display:block For free version, is it worth it? If it is on other versions if they still do this I wouldn’t hesitate to remove the free afvertising


@Col_Boogie @CleverBoi @hackeagle

Hi everyone!

If you want to remove the 000webhost logo, you can go to cPanel > Settings > General > Show banner > Off :wink: