Install Maian Lockbox on your website


Those looking for a membership system for their website when building from the start may be interested in using this script.

The script is called Lockbox or Maian Lockbox :slight_smile:

Visit to download to start.

The latest release was June 2016 version v2.1

Now I’ll upload this script onto 000webhost hosting.

Once uploaded I’ll use unzipper.php to unzip the file

Now you’ll need a database created to begin

Hit up > Manage Databases > Create New

Now keep these details for the next step

You’ll now want to head into the file manager and edit connect.php

Fill it in using the details from the creating a database step.

Now browse down to secret_key and change this to something secure

Now open access.php via control via admin via lockbox and choose a username and password.

Sorted! Time to hit the installer via


Now delete the installation directory

/install delete it now!

Now log in!

Now the system should be open for you to customize as you wish!

Update the settings to match what you need to do

Add a new lockbox for premium members only to download via

Add a new package for 12 months for premium members to purchase

And the rest you can pretty much sum up yourself you may want a premium package that members can purchase to access restricted parts of your site with premium download files or access to premium files/text.


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