Install SmartLook visitor analytics


Firstly head over to their site

Signup using their quick form

Insert the code into the pages you’d like to track using File Manager or editing the file locally and uploading it

Now proceed, it may show nothing if you have a quiet site, just wait until visitors come and go and it will populate with information.

Now go test it out, load up a page on your site and see yourself appear

Now I browse down my site and I pause on Testimonials then head over to SmartLook to see if it caught me or not.

It did, it plays back exactly what I did when I visited the site… spooky…

Then I pause, pretend to copy and paste the contact number, then I hit contact.

It tells me how long I was on the site before closing the tab, it tells me my browser, computer data etc, it also tells you during the playback if I switched tabs to go on another site etc.

The playback mode enables you to see everything pretty much a visitor does on your site, great to see what features they use and what features they don’t so you can improve your site easily.

The video is the recording which is stored on SmartLook, although it just looks like I’ve recorded my screen with myself browsing around this isn’t the case.