Installation errors with Prestashop 1.7, 1.6


I can’t install Prestashop 1.7 on free webhost. At the finish level of installation there appears an error. The same situation occurs with Prestashop 1.6. Is anybody there who has gone this process successfully? May you share the secrets for me? Great thanks.


what is the error? do a screenshot


I have no screenshot. Installation of Prestashop 1.7 stops on 0% (attempt continued approx. 15 minutes and after that an error appeared). Installation of Prestashop 1.6 stops on 23% (on this percent rate attempt lasts approx. 20 minutes and after that an error appeared). I tried to do this 3 times in a different browsers - Firefox and Chrome. The same result. Maybe that versions of Prestashop don’t work on the free webhost?


Does the look like the error or no?


Yes, exactly this error!


I too tried to install Prestashop on 000webhost and have encountered this error.

I’ve tried two work-arounds so far but still bumping into it.


This can be dues to timeouts form mysql or php side. Need to have more detailed errror log


I can’t have more detailed error log except like at the screenshot above. Please try to install Prestashop 1.7 (or 1.6) personally on free webhost and tell us details about this process.


To install Prestashop on 000webhost

I open my file manager and upload the intial installation of Prestashop.

You can use FTP client to upload the zip file then extract on the File Manager website if the above doesn’t work.

Once uploaded onto 000webhost I then extract the zip file and all of the files should now be available to access via

I then launch the 000webhost manage databases and create a new database for the Prestashop installation…

Now I visit the installation file /prestashop/install/index.php

Now if you have the premium webhosting from you wouldn’t get these errors

Next step should appear

Filled in and proceed again

Remember the database you setup earlier on 000webhost? Fill in those details, test they work then proceed with installation…

And that is far as I am getting before the error appears…

So I made a few changes following another person experiencing same issue

Open your FTP client or file manager and browse to /vendor/paragonie random_compat

Rename the random_compat folder to old_random_compat or delete it completely.

Now create a new folder called random_compat and using this link - download the zip file, extracting the contents into the newly created directory.

Now restart the installation by clicking on system configuration and then hitting test the database then next.

But I still hit the same error.


James, Prestashop’s documentation says that we must unzip file “” before its uploading to webhost.


Prestashop is an e-commerce solution. free web hosting is not suitable for making big shopping sites.
Installation process takes more than 30s to complete which makes it unsuitable for free web hosting environment.