Installing Google Analytics on your website


So you find Piwik isn’t up to your standard and neither is DS Analytics? Try Google!

Firstly head over to their website and sign up:

Login to Google firstly or create an account if you are a newbie to Google.

Now hit the signup bottom

Fill in the simple information boxes correctly with your site address

Agree or disagree with the bottom statements then hit get tracking ID

Now read and agree with the ToS

Now you should be presented with the vital code you need to manually insert into your 000webhost hosted website

You must insert the code correctly depending on your circumstances

Now once you’ve placed the code into your pages correctly all of the information will start appearing as visitors hit your website up!

Eventually it should give you a good insight on where your visitors come from and how long they spend with what areas they visit from as well.

You can view what visitors are returning

Where they are from?

This particularly helps when you need to create content aimed at a certain location.

What browsers they are using so you can make sure your site functions well in all of them?

And so many more features that you’ll figure out and be able to use to aid further site design, adverts to make some revenue and protect/produce content towards.

Website traffic statistics