Ip address change


hi dears
my website is restricted from our government and most of users cant access,
how can i fix this problem?


Hi @masoud1361
What is your website URL?


this is my website name:dastvarzco.site90.com
its a free domain name website.
how can i break this restriction in our country?
can u do this?
they are making limitation for 000webhost service in iran.


You can use a custom domain like .ml .ga .tk .gq .cf or any TLD to Break these restrictions


can u explane for me how can i compose custom domain like these?
where shall i go and compose?
im not professional like u.
thanks for your guides friend.


You can get a free domain from freenom.com and they you can read this tutorial for how to park it here
How to point domain from freenom.com to 000webhost.com


Any screenshots of the actual restriction?

  • your current IP address is in a few spam blacklists so you might have trouble accessing a few websites based on that fact?

Renew your IP by restarting your router if you’ve got a dynamic address else contact your ISP and ask them for a new IP.


dear friend
i did, i got a massage to change my dns,can u giude me how can i change my dns?


What operating system do you use?

Or do you mean changing a domain DNS for parking etc?


hi dear
im using windows 8.1 enterprise build 9600.
yes i want rise my website by new address and dns.
thanks friend


i have selected a new free domain name from freenom.com and set it.


What domain did you pick?


whats shall i do now?


dastvarzco.ml needs to be set to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000wehhost.com on FreeNom.

Under 000webhost.com you need to hit set web address, park domain and enter dastvarzco.ml then park it and link it with your 000webhostapp.


i have linked this domain to my website in 000webhost
but when im searching ,my website dont rise by this new domin
what shall i do to rise my website with this new domain


Have you changed the DNS on Freenom?


i have done all above process that my friend ayu send for me as above links
what shall i do now?


I don’t see your domain parked on your 000webhost account? Have you done this?

When I search the nameservers of your new domain it seems to still be pointing at FreeNom.com and not ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com


i have composed the new free domain in freenom.com
the server which is used for freenom.com
the servers names dont change to your servers name.and our governmet here blocked my website with your server.my old domain name in 000webhost is dastvarzco.site90.com,its blocked here.
i want to build new free domain name and with my website to rise it again.i have done all above process that me ayu send.
what shall i do now?can u guide me?