Ip address change


this link isnt opened


when in checking in my domains list.its parked with my website.
can u see that?


It is showing now yes!

With regards to FreeNom can you screenshot your setup there?

Currently it APPEARS to still be default


Is what it should look like…


hi they are like these:
id 17581
op code query
rcode noerror
flage qr rd raa
www.dastvarz.ml in cname
www.dastvarz.ml 8093 in cname wwwdastvarzcocom.000webhostapp.com


its not the same as your above.
what are realizing?
what shall i do?


Here is a full solution for you
1.Go to your freenom dashboard.
2.Go to your domain and click on manage domain

3. It will show you window like that now click on management tools.

4. Now it will show you drop down menu like shown below. Now click on nameservers.

5.Now just do as same as shown below and then save it.


ok thanks,i have changed the servers name successfully.
is it take time to rise up by new server
s names?
when im searching right now ,my website dont rise up.


What is link.of your website?


www.dastvarzco.ml (its for freenom.com)
my old link was dastvarzco.site90.com from 000webhost
my old website was resrticted from our government here.
is new websit riseing up withoud any restrictions?
whats your idea?


if u use vpn u can open restricted website,


Your site worked fine before and now.


We are waiting for your domain to resolve now to the nameservers providing you’ve entered them correctly?
Can you screenshot your FreeNom control panel shows 000webhost nameservers please?


Look like this here


What does it say?



The servers names are


Great your .ml domain should start working soon.


the restriction page like above is saying:
the access of this website is forbidden


It is a government filter or ISP?


can i and my customers access to my website soon?