IP address of my website



I didn’t find the IP address of my website (http://bobbarisien.000webhostapp.com/) on my panel, and I’ve to configure my Cloudfare account so it can point on the IP.

Where can I find it?




You have no fixed IP on freeium, only premium accounts are allocated a dedicated IP address.
Your site is on 000webhostapp cloud and the IP will change each time you load your site :frowning:

Point your domain from registrar to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com


Infinity, thank you for your fast answer!

Good to know, but unfortunately when I enter the DNS, it says “Invalid address: You must enter a valid IPv4 address.” because it’s an A field, and I tried with the IP of ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com, it doesn’t work :frowning: (it’s also dynamic I think)


Weird can you screenshot this? Sorry.


Usually how I see people setup CloudFlare is

  1. point domain from registrar to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com

  2. park domain within 000webhost.com > set web address

  3. visit CloudFlare and organise setup > change nameservers at registrar to CloudFlare

  4. CloudFlare detects old nameservers and migrates the information and starts processing the changes

  5. Your domain now runs via registrar to CloudFlare who then in turn forwards onto 000webhost and the site works.


Yes, here’s the screenshot :

I’ve a Freenom domain name and I pointed it on the Cloudfare DNS so that part should be all right (I can screenshot it also if you want)!

The only part that isn’t working is the configuration in Cloudfare as you can see : https://bobbarisien.tk


I use nameservers to point my domain

That video explained to me it will copy all your records :confused:


So it seems to be working for your site already using CloudFlare no?


I don’t know if this helps?


I looked at the video, but it asks me a A field when I delete it and only let the CNAME field like in your screenshot!

Yes, I’m already using CloudFare but it doesn’t redirect on my website!

Now that I deleted the A field :

Edit : It works with the www before because of the CNAME field but now I’ve to add it withtout the www!


Try this

Forward yoursite.com > www.yoursite.com


It looks like the redirection is working but I don’t know why the SSL doesn’t work anymore and I don’t see the website like your screenshot (only the text and a blue background) !