Is FTP Down or not working?


Hi all,
I’m not sure if FTP is just down but I cannot use FTP to access my websites files using Filezilla and the web FTP client.


yeah I’m experiencing the same problem using filezilla…


But the status page shows that the file manager is up.


I know I have just checked that too, everything says 100% on my screen so not sure whats going on.


Can only assume it is a timeout issue and will resolve eventually.


Ok will wait it out and wee what happens.



similarly I can not get access to your site either through a FTP or via the web console


I can’t connect either. I can’t upload files through the UI either. Very annoying, please fix!


Print screen your errors please.


Thanks for the insight.
In my case, upload are unstable. Sometimes it is working super fast, sometimes I am not able to upload even 2kb file.