Is Hosting Down?


Is there an issue with servers? I have had no HTTP services for about an hour now, everything else seems normal as far as cpanel & ftp go.

Is there a serverload or server status page for shared services?


same for me…

Username a6646516
Disk Usage 24.54
Bandwidth 100000 MB (100GB)
Home Root /home/a6646516
Server Name
IP Address
Apache ver. 2.2.19 (Unix)
PHP version 5.2.*
MySQL ver. 5.1
Activated On 2015-04-19 03:20
Status Active


bad timing… it goes down when I’m working on it!

anyone know whats going on its been over two hours now down? I did some testing, best I can tell it looks like a gigabit switch has faulted.

can someone please restart apache!


Possibly might work


that one above seems more like a historic record & doesn’t appear to be polling actual server loads

Here’s an interesting bit of code for anyone who wants to monitor their servers conditions, just name with .php extension & run or include to show status.

You might get a depreciation error if you don’t define the timezone, for those with 5.2 you should be okay, but that’s an easy fix I didn’t bother here

    $uptime = @exec('uptime');
    preg_match("/averages?: ([0-9\.]+),[\s]+([0-9\.]+),[\s]+([0-9\.]+)/",$uptime,$avgs);
    $uptime = explode(' up ', $uptime);
    $uptime = explode(',', $uptime[1]);
    $uptime = $uptime[0].', '.$uptime[1];
    $start=mktime(0, 0, 0, 1, 1, date("Y"), 0);
    $end=mktime(0, 0, 0, date("m"), date("j"), date("y"), 0);
    $percentage=($uptime/$days) * 100;

    // show results
    echo "$load";
    echo "/";
    echo "$uptime";