Issuing of fatal error


I am not capable of understanding how to increase resolve fatal error, through c-panel


Hi can you explain more :slight_smile:


I am developing a website in WordPress but it shows the fatal error of 120 sec and I need to increase it but it can’t show the file manager to increase it till 300 or 600.


add this line to your .htaccess file:

php_value max_execution_time 300


I am trying to find this and need to change the sleeping time of my website also.


Where should I need to add this?


In a file called .htaccess in the public_html directory


Ok, file manager in hosting through c-panel or else where?


Directly access your file manager from your account dashboard or go here


Sorry, it is asking for my website name for login but it is showing login error.
Maybe due to sleeping of hosting.


You can find your website name in and your password is same as your 000webhost account password


May activate after 20 min so I will change time also


One more important question I need to ask you that I did not upload my website on hosting it is on the local machine. Will it resolve fatal issue or not?


yes on any machine :slight_smile:


Why my website showing inactivate? how can I send you an image of my website c-panel.


Take a screenshot and if you are at pc then upload using this image and if you are on mobile then there is a upload option at bottom right corner


still sleeping I don’t know why it showed 2 sec left but now sleeping



Websites on the free platform sleep for one hour per day.


Hi, My website is working but still, it is not opening file manager page means not log in


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