Issuing of fatal error


finally log in now what should I do next?It is not showing anything .htaccess. please guide me a little bit more.


Now add the code at 1 line


will it work as an 600?


Yes if 300 is not working fine then you can change it to 600 also but not more than this. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I need to change my website (hosting) sleeping time but it is not working and sleep at an old time.


@mantas.daraciunas Sleep time error


Please wait a little bit. The new time settings should be applied soon. If the site still sleeps at the old time tomorrow, please let us know and we’ll investigate further. Thanks! :slight_smile:


What type of these issues are?



What is your current time execution value?


8:38 pm pakistani time


I mean the value that you have set like 300 or 600


yes 300 than change to 600


Sir, still I am facing fatal issues change from300 to 600 and I send screenshot



Hey so what are you trying to achieve?


Resolve the fatal error in WordPress nothing else. I am stuck to complete my website due to this error.