It seems my free account is deleted


Looks like my free account was deleted.
It was very unprofessional to delete user’s account without prior warning.
My question is
How can I save the files and database?
Thank you


Same issue here.

I sent a mail to this morning, which was auto-replied to with a reference to this forum.

I’d really like to get a final backup of the files, I don’t care as much about the database.

That, or get my account back and discuss with someone how I can manage not getting my account deleted again. It probably had something to do with the 3 mails I got saying a slow (long) MySQL query was executing. I know it was an issue. I can fix it, I just didn’t optimize one query on the website that ran every half hour (execution time of ~5s)

Thanks in advance,

PS: Sorry for using this thread. It just seemed like we had the same issue here, so making another thread seemed redundant.


same issue here also even im using this free version in a small MB file just to test run my site, why dont you informed us? we follow your rules so we need an explanation on this. it look like its unprofessional. TY


Can you guys post your websites which have been deleted?

What happens when you login with your account details here:

If it says deleted for inactivity then there would be no backup; although if suspended for : reason then the files are still there you just need to upgrade.

There are number of checks made before deleting an inactive account which deem it inactive.

As always I advise any hosting user free or premium to take weekly backups as doing this you have a backup but also you login to your account keeping it active and taking a download of your files proves this too.


For old login, it shows this

once login obviously as a new account with a same email,

http:// i67.tinypic. com/a5j0q1.jpg



The website which was deleted is

The cpanel says “Cancelled for Abuse”. So I suppose my one SQL query was the issue. I’m really sorry if I was taking up more resources than supposed. Is there any way I can go back to a free account? I’ll remove the troubling query. I’m just kind of sad that this happened at night. Nothing I could do about it. Automated scripts.

I have been able to restore ~90% of my site by the chrome cache and watching in my recycle bin. I’m going to host my website locally while I’m developing this time. Not taking the risk again.


If suspended for CPU then you can upgrade to premium and your data will be migrated to premium where the accounts have no limits and you won’t get suspended + much premium hasn’t had issues while I’ve been on it.

You can make a new account for free with a new email address and start again if you don’t want to upgrade obviously :smiley: