[JAN 27TH ] Is your website sleeping OUTWITH the set sleep times? Please reply if you are affected in this topic!


If your website is sleeping OUTWITH the set sleep times, please post in THIS THREAD (click here)
Post your FULL 000WEBHOSTAPP URL and it will fixed as soon as possible.

Sincere apologies and thank you for your patience in advance!


I’d like any more users affected to reply to this thread since I’ve gathered the users who’ve posted so far and sent this to a developer so he can see a lot more information than we can.

  • when I loaded the affected sites I didn’t see the sleeping page instead I got a white page with an error message, but after using the emergency wake option it resumed normal service.


I just hope that the system wasn’t sleeping sites for a certain reason while it performed an action and I’ve manually awoken them and messed a process up.


I am also affected by this, is has been “sleeping” for the past few hours… This is awful


It does suck but there something going on that I cannot see so can’t suggest why it is happening.

I have referred the affected users who have came onto the forum and posted or those who have private messaged me and sent them to the developers.


Encountering the same sleeping issue when header says site will sleep 10 hours from now. Is Support working on this issue? They really should be posting information on acknowledging the problem.


I am also affected.




Both have been down for approx 1hr 50mins, still sleeping.


Developer has been notified.

Apologies in advance to any newcomers.

Please post away and I’ll do my best to manually awake.


I have a problem like this with my website too : https://tpe-micropesanteur.000webhostapp.com/


Both woken sorry again!


Back up now. Thanks Infinity.



SORRY!! :frowning:


Thank you a lot !!!


This is the first topic that we’ve had of anyone suggesting there was an issue!

We can’t fix what we don’t know.


i have an problem now
i access my website, and i saw this message:

Website is temporary sleeping
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my website is www.maxpal.ml

i changed the time of sleeping at the first time i create an account, but what can i do with this problem?
and there is another problem, i can’t open the FTP with my account, i always use it, but this problem was the first, then now my website is sleeping…

please help
and sorry for my bad english




My page is sleeping at the time that is not indicated, I have scheduled it from 4-5 in the morning and right now is sleeping! please fix that


I see your site is loading fine, can you screenshot it for me?


Please Infinity read what he said.
There is a lot of other accounts which have same issues.

Even on my account it shall have sleep time 11 to 12 am GMT+1.

So why is it soo. I mean i had 2 hours sleeptime today.


I have checked the users who have posted today - in the information I can see there is no log of your sleep - so this is an abnormality of the system and the developer has been notified - there is nothing more at this level unfortunately we can do here on the forum - a developer tomorrow will check the list of the accounts I have collected to see what went wrong and why.