Kodi issue after migration


Can someone please help me with the error that I’m getting. When I go to my website i get message below regarding the index.html file. How do I create an index.php or index.html file?

Thanks in advance!!!

Migration Discussion

@toot41783 You need to extract you zip file inside “public_html”.


@akhilkumar332 I have extracted my zip file in public_html and I’m getting the same thing. I have attached a screen shot below. The previous screen shot was how it was before the migration with the zip file and the wizard folder. There is an html file inside of the wizard folder is that what I need?


@Infinity Can you please help with getting my website back up and running. I was told to extract my zip file in the public_html folder but I’m still get the same error (see picture below). Any idea on what I may need to do to fix my issue. Thanks


That looks like Kodi?

What do you want to achieve?

Make a folder called kodi and put your scripts/files in kodi

Then browse to http://yoursite.000webhostapp.com/kodi and then use the .zip like you would normally with Kodi?


@Infinity Yes it’s my kodi build. Once you went to my old website it would download my kodi build. Before the migration to the new control panel, that’s exactly how it was. The plugin zip file and the wizard folder was in the public_html folder.


Kodi requires python scripts to be executed in order to be installed, such requirements being unavailable on free plans.

If you want to install Kodi, you must buy a VPS.