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[U]Tiếng Việt[/U]


[U]Death Free Domain Services:[/U]



HAHAHAHAHAH~!!! I get it!!! I am from Costa Rica and Nicaragua is close of my country but I don’t live there xP


u forgot


Thank you bro I will add it on the list. :]


bro can u say me how to add sub domain in and how creat email in


Oh sorry, but I don’t think they give that services for free… Just the free domain name and the DNS service. But here in 000Webhost you could do it, enter the name of your free domain when you register to 000webhosting and then go to the Control Panel>Subdomains. And if you want a e-mail with your domain you just will have a forward to other e-mail. Read the instructions and you will know what each thing does. say that if you donate 10$ and you could have 100 more domains names instead 2.


just make another account… use fake address. duh… then u can have like 100000+ LOL

this should be added to the 000webhost FAQ, and/or added to the home made wiki


not under stood bro what fake account
and i creat another account yet dont get active mail can any one creat one account signup for me :expressionless: i sighup but dont get active mail
and cant add new domain also


i like because they have the Favicon feature. :smiley:

Nice list:D


bro can u say me how to add sub domain in and how creat email in

use everyDNS to create subdomain, then to create email use the google aps.
i have the tutorial here, but in bahasa. try google for the english i guess.

#12 is a domain and we are all subdomains its like and so it is more the likely.
.cc is the domain anyone can buy (expensive) if there domain that they bought and then is sub domain to there domain so I dought you can a sub sub domain… also fake accounts. they log your IP so if you make another account they will know straight away and will cancel all your accouts for breach of terms of conditions.

Come on lads (And ladys) it a free service dont abuse it. Abusing a service will distroy it for the rest of us


and much more @ dynDNS


thk u very much


You are so right. :slight_smile:


ya its good


So, I think Windows live Custom Domain is sound interesting. All account in WLCD can use all Windows Live Services after first login.

and Windows Live Messenger is very popular in My Country !!! :slight_smile:
ps.we still call it in old name “MSN” and accually call it shorter “M”


New ><


Favicon is easy to implement. Here’s a tutorial:


I would like to add:

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