Locating 000 webhost account


I am having trouble locating my login credentials for my website, and my website is currently not working properly (hasn’t for a couple of weeks). I need to login to my account to ensure the website is still configured, I know the domain is still properly pointing to 000webhost as I get the webhost000 404 page.

My domain is fastwrapco.com

Please help, thank you.



The error page by 000webhost would suggest your domain is not correctly configured.

What panel did you use? If the old panel then your account has been deleted most likely for inactivity.


Infact I’ve got a good hunch that it was the old panel your site fastwrapco.com used and the site has been deleted for inactivity but I could be wrong.


It definitely was the old panel. I did backup my website using the website builder from the old panel, is it compatible with the new panel to import?


Erm possibly? Try logging into the new panel with your email address you used previously and your new password and add the site to your account, set web address to fastwrapco.com then upload your backup and hopefully everything works like before.
The only thing is I’m not sure that you can use the site builder if you used the “old site builder” if that makes any sense.
If it was the “old site builder” try http://fastwrapco.com/admin to see if the administrator panel loads once you’ve restored the backup.


Alright I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for your help!


So I’ve logged in, added the domain, used a preset template just to get something to come up, set the web address, but still getting the 404 page. Does it take some time for the domain to actually be linked? Due to my domain already being pointed to ns01 name servers, I would think that upon account reactivation with 000webhost, it would be immediate.


I suppose I could use the CNAME method, but I shouldn’t have to, right? Also, with the CNAME method will the web address be “redirected” to the 000webhost domain, or will it keep my domain?


You’ll have to delete the records from your domain registrar and re-add ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com I’m still seeing old panel records against your domain.


Ok I’m very confused, I reverted back to using my registrar’s name servers just to get “something” to work, and here we are hours later and my site is still pulling up the same 404 site from 000. I’m at a loss…


I can see your site is working fine now.


DNS can take up to 24-48 hours to resolve depending on your domain registrar, local Internet service provider etc etc.


I’m back up and running, thanks for your help! Unfortunately my old site backup was not able to be restored, but with your easy website builder it didn’t take long to get one created again.

Thanks again!