- 1000's of funny pictures - please comment


Been developing for hours and hours, and I think I made it pretty far.
take a look:
…and tell me what you think.

thanks! :slight_smile:


lol I shot the Serif!


Interesting, i like the picture you put. An error on a Bluescreen damn, thats too funny.


Rofl great images xD the site looks pretty good.
wish you good luck :stuck_out_tongue:


Hola, i cant seem to scroll to the next image. Whats up?


I like it. Always need a good laugh


Thanks for the feedback everyone!

hmm… which browser do you use? :slight_smile:


Site is not working. I see error: Server not found. Is domain still on?


Thats what happens when you grave dig a 3 year old post. No one needs funny pictures anymore when there is youtube and iphones to video tape.