Mass loading/uploading stops


I have a page where I have 100+ images. I used ajax to get the images from a dir and posted it there.

For some reason, not all images will load. It seems that randomly, there will be 8 or so that doesn’t load.

On the other hand, when I was uploading these files into a directory, it uploaded the first 12 or so. I had to do about 6 - 7 uploads, each in groups of 12 - 15 images to get it all uploaded.

Is there something like a limiter that only allows a user to download/upload a certain amount of KB in a millisecond or something?

EDIT - After inspecting the browsers “inspect -> network” it shows that the files that were not loaded returned a 503 service unavailable error.


Can someone help?

Some images in the directory does not appear.


All working here.


Not all the images are there though.

console.log indicates the the images were found but they aren’t created for some reason.

under “network” in firefox inspect shows the image was not retrieved.

I used the same script on my apache24 server on windows and it posted all the images successfully.


So is this issue still here or has it resolved?

Post a screenshot of the webpage you see?


Not resolved.

The directory has 134 files. On the webpage it’s only showing like 70.


Very odd, so what URL are you using to view that page exactly?

What happens when you right click the missing image, copy image address and try visiting that directly?


When I right click the broken images (the blue boxes in the screenshot) in firefox and go to view image info, in media preview, it shows the image.

If I go directly to the link, I see the image.

When I go to the missing images (images in the directory but not on the webpage), I see the image.

Is there some kind of cap to the bandwidth at how much a user is allowed to upload/download per second? When I was uploading images, each at about 100 KB to 300 KB, it was uploading in batches of like 20 / 134 each time. Even when I select all the files in the directly, it would cut off at the 20th or so file.


I can’t see why it would load for me and not you?

I’ve tried loads of browsers I can’t understand it, what URL do you use to access the site?


do you see this one?

If I refresh the page, it random choose which image to load and which image not to.


Don’t use https://

You must access your site with this link


Using http loads all the image, but some in the directory are still not up there. Like this one.

console.log shows it is retrieved.


I still can’t replicate the issue on my end, have you tried a different browser?


It seems in your case, images from the directory is missing as well, and they are the ones that are the same on my end.

That is currently the issue, unable to retrieve specific images from the directory through ajax.


This may be of no help but when I go to I don’t see all the above grid of images either. Here’s a screenshot…


Can you try your script/site on the hosting information I’ve sent you?


I’m not using ftp and when i got to the cpanel link, it’s a blank white page.

Here is a screenshot of the same script on my apache24 server.

The ones that aren’t crossed out are the ones that are missing on the webpage.

And I did not alter the script in anyway.


Weird not sure then also with regards to other page I’ll probably say it’s a DNS issue :joy::joy:


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That site should be working now if you want to test the script there.