In 000webhost max_queires_per_hour is 15 000. phpMyAdmin says my website database user has exceeded it. How? I can’t be. I need a explaination

I saw few topics related to this problem. But there was no any explanation or solution.

Can i get a help please?


Actually, the MAX_UPDATES_PER_HOUR or MAX_QUERIES_PER_HOUR (same thing, I believe) is set to 5000. 15000 is just the value in our system that corresponds to 5000. That makes it more likely that you did exceed the limit. I’m surprised your site hasn’t been automatically suspended yet.

You can try waiting it out and then finding a way to lower the amount of updates/hour but if you need more, you need to upgrade.


No. I’m sure there wasnt even 5000 updates in past hour. There wasn’t over 50 updates.
I faced this problem yesterday also. And i keep waiting for one hour. So phpmyadmin showed me everything is settled. There after i ran about 20 mysql queries with mysqli extension of php. Then again phpmyadmin showed me max queries per hour was exceeded.


That’s odd, I’ll forward this to an admin when I get the chance.


Thanks. I hope this will be solved


Can i have a update on this? I still have this problem


Admin are still not online. You need to wait.


@NGiNX told that problem was solved. I made about 50 queries. I didn’t get that error.



No no

It isnt solved


I did not say that.    


So what about this?..


So what about this?

I have renamed all files from /public_html/includes folder and I will try to connect to your database after one hour.

If the problem persists, the problem is on our side, and we will investigate it.


Okay thanks. I hope it will be solved


Us too. It’s an odd issue; we have never experienced it…


Are you sure pointing domain didn’t caused this?
Because this error occurred since the first time i used my new domain. Never before


Are you sure pointing domain didn’t caused this?

100%. Domain pointing has nothing to do with the database.

And even if it domain pointing would cause the problem, I can’t fix it as I don’t have physical access to the servers to investigate such issues. I am now trying to rule out everything else


Great. So, there may be any other thing causes this.
I’ll be waiting until your chekups are finished



Did you made a test?
You can access database now.


This is exactly what I wanted to test: to see if the server spawns this error automatically or if it is a problem from your side.

And unfortunately, the problem is from your side. You have over 12.000 rows in messages table. Each time you browse the chat your script does a lot of queries to retrieve the messages registered in your database: one or more queries per message – this depends on how you have coded your chat as well.

I suggest your to take a look on how you have coded your scripts. Try to minimize the number of queries. Or else, please consider buying a paid plan, which does not have such limitations:


Yeah. Thanks.
I have a problem.

What is a query?
1.A query that we perform with php like $mysqli -> query(QUERY).