Yes, mysqli is a query,


Thanks. I dont use 12000 queries to select 12000 messagers from database. My system is based on conversation-modal. It selects maximum 50 messages when user requests messages for the frist time. Select 50 messages is only one query. After that real time chat may make about 5 queries to database per a request. If we send 1000 messages it will make about 1500 reequests(Its how my systems based with core features).

So, if we send 1000 messages we will only have 7500 queries. But from the beginning there were only 12,000 messages. (From january). And any user doesnot use this app because it automatically redirects to the coming soon page.


It selects maximum 50 messages when user requests messages for the frist time.

What else it selects? The message time, user ID, etc as well?


Yes. It selects all the colomns except id colomn


Are you retrieving each row separately (separate functions) or all at once (mysqli_fetch_all())?


I retrieve them at once. Just one query to select all the colomns.

Like : "SELECT x,y,z FROM mydatabase WHERE a=0… "

In simple words its just one query


Please consider using SELECT * FROM ...

I don’t know how MySQL treats each query: if it decompose it into basic commands or something else.


I’ll try it.
But until last friday i hadnt got this problem, even i had about 11,000 rows in that table. I checked my website’s messaging system with sending about 500 messages on thursday. I didnt get any problem. But now i have this.


Probably the admins change the policy of the database. I am not sure. If this is the case, it won’t be reverted soon…

In any case: this has nothing to do with domain pointing.


I have no idea what to do.
I’ll check my scripts again


You see 15000 queries per hour, but actually in our systems, it is 5000 queries per hour.
If you really need more, consider upgrading to not worry anymore about the limitations!


Even i didn’t run any query in this hour database server shows that “#1226 - User ‘id1033491_hello_user’ has exceeded the ‘max_queries_per_hour’ resource (current value: 15000)”



When you are accessing the database through Database Manager those links are still queries and are treated properly.


I found the solution. Error was in my side

Thank you all.


You’re welcome :blush: