Meet new friends online!


Hello everyone,

I’ve been developing a “meeting” site for quite some time now, I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on my site.

The address is:

Thanks :slight_smile:


Nope, I don’t get the anti-spam.
I don’t know what you want me to answer, nor do I tend to care about easter anyway.

Ohh… nvm… it was egg… silly brain… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey there, haha, do you think I should make the question more clear?
What are your thoughts on the site, any suggestions - I realize it needs more users! but hopefully that will come in time :slight_smile:


I would go for a question like “What is Apples popular smartphone named?” or something new and modern that everyone knows about :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way the “type in the blue numbers…” thingy, miiight be a bad idea if you have a colorblind person on the website :wink:
I don’t know how the system works tho ^^


Appreciate all your feedback, thank you :slight_smile:


people who are born 1995 also have 18 years :slight_smile:


Good pick up lol, I will have to update that ! Thanks :slight_smile:


Nice site. By the way, did you use a template for this?


No sir, completely written in notepad++ by me.
I would have liked to make the layout a bit more appealing, but my graphic design skills are terrible :confused:


Study CSS(3), make your layout use it to it’s advantage. That’s how my network is operating. Then you could even create personalization settings by connecting your CSS to the DB. ^^
For users like me, I like my CSS dark and easy on the eyes (mainly for night time rading), so that’s the FIRST thing I like to personalize.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, very valid point made. I will probably implement stylesheet change for non-members shortly, if you had made an account, under your account settings there is already an option to customize your background.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Everybody, and the next guy wants to do a website for meetings, dating, signups, track the users, sell their images that they didn’t read the terms of use on the website. When you signup for a website and they write terms where they can use your kids image on an abortion website, and the owners sold it to them, and you didn’t want that nor get any money, who wins?


Hey Visual, thanks for your reply.
Yes I agree partly with your statement, there is people and websites out there, that will operate like this (FACEBOOK!)…

But I make no money from yizle and under the terms of service: clearly states all information will never be shared to 3rd parties.

The website is just for fun :confused:


Just giving the thread a bump, I’ve completely re-written the yizle code. Site is a lot cleaner, most functions are now working and you should see an increase in load times :slight_smile:


this site needs way more people to join its complete free and looks good how about a little support for this small and growing social site, I’ve found it flawless so far.


… love to get some more users and opinions, come on guys, I put a lot of effort into coding this site! :S


I’m still putting loads of effort into my social network. lol


Wow this website is nice! you really did make a lot of effort in creating this website! great job!


The site looks good. By the way, how many users do you currently have in total?


Just me and a test (Anonymous) user for now, no public announcements yet.
Your site is also not bad. :slight_smile: