Message error in Wordpress


I own a WordPress site 000webhost And when you link to the site A message comes wrong and I can not reach it and I want the site again but I do not know what the problem is and I do not know how it is. What do I do please help me and this is the message


Try now?

You’ll need to go to WordPress settings then “Permalinks” and choose an option if you want your site to function properly.

Please do not use cache plugins on the 000webhost platform.


Baitzar but returned the mistake again and to make the additions


Try now please :slight_smile:


Hi @A.F!

In addition, please clear your browser cache. It could interfere sometimes.


How do I clean it and the site is too slow?


go to where you normally clear your history and check cache. :wink:


It is possible to clarify more or less possible work


Cache is used to story temporary data for faster load. I have advised you to clear your cache because old data might have been interfering with current one.

If your site is loading slow, either disable some plugins, either upgrade to a paid plan where we have Wordpress Speed Optimizers included :wink: