Migration Discussion


I see no prompt to choose FTP username or password am I missing something


Do you need to verify email before this can be performed as I am unable to verify email. Tried twice now with no luck.


You did a fantastic job very quickly. Only problem is when I try and access my website from the PC in google it still shows the migration page. Sorry to be a pain in the A.


DNS can take up to 24 hours to take effect for your local Internet service provider like Sky is every morning 3am, TalkTalk is similar, they update their list of websites and the correct information each day at a set time, some do it every 24 hours or 48 hours regardless etc.

You can navigate around DNS slowness by using alternative DNS providers like Google and and using cmd.exe to flush the cache out ipconfig /flushdns

Plus you’ll need to clear the device or browser cache/data/cookies and then it should load fine.
Your site is showing fine this end.


Hi, i have some websites on 000webhost which i have not migrated to the new members area… is it too late to do it now?



If your account was not suspended for inactivity, there should be a download link at the bottom of your cPanel to download a backup of them.