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Same here, been working on this for hours, it’s driving me nuts!


What is your domain?


What is your domain? :1234:


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Access your website
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Whats wrong then sorry?


If you can’t view your website in browser like I have then clear your browser data/cookies/history/cache.

Else How to enable faster DNS resolution to get your site to appear quicker on Windows 7
Or if you run Windows 10 or Mac OS there are tutorials under “Tutorials” on the forum.


Many thanks, have been trying on phones, iphones and laptops. Do they all need flushing or will they clear with time?


If you have a WiFi network and you try your site on maybe an iPad, iPhone and iMac then if they all use the same network you should see the same result - your ISP DNS will be the one at fault.
So if you use Google DNS on your iMac then it will load your site will the other two devices still use ISP DNS and the site probably won’t load.
DNS updates normally come through in 24 hours, 48 hours or 96 hours depending on the ISP.

I use Sky and they update theirs each day at 3am so unless I use Google DNS I would not see these changes.

tl;dr yes the website will start working on all devices with just a clear/cache/flush over the next few days; else use Google DNS and flush in the meantime.


OK, thanks for that. I’ve already cleared the browers cache several times, flushed the IP config, changed DNS servers and attempted a Google DNS purge and still get the migrate screen but I’ll give it a day or two to sort itself out.


Site data and database reuploaded.
But nowhere i cant find values to change MySQL username, host and password
Site work, but bad --> http://zdj.net16.net/
Should looks like this :
w w w . php-s.ru/upload_systems_scripts/Scripteen_Free_Image_Hosting_Script/demo/index.php


socializent.com and bilkentliaslanlar.com


Change the values in whatever script you have like config.php what script do you run?




Migration went well. did not need to backup, beacause I had it already on my pc. Upload was succesful. I can see the website when I type the whole name without the www. But in the google search my old website-name appears and not the new name without www. Clicking on it of course gives an error. Server cannot be found. What can I do to fix this wrong (old) search-result in google search ? Thank you :slight_smile:


Maybe remove URL from Google https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals

And submit new URL https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url


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Hi. I am having trouble logging into my new cpanel. My site is running fine but I cannot log in to my new cpanel area. Whenever I log in with my credentials I get taken to the old members area. I went into my settings and changed my email address last night. Now when I log in I am taken to the old 000webhost area instead of the new one.


@Nicky2017 Can you post screenshot of your issue?
It’s bit messy here, PM me your issue with screen shots.


Sure Akhilkumar! I will DM you with screenshots.


I couldn’t backup my site and deleted the old control panel already, is there any chance to recover my site?