Migration to new Panel support



I have received an email saying I need to migrate my account to the new Panel.

So I followed the guide:

  1. Saved my files, database and emails
  2. Went to the migration page: https://members.000webhost.com/panel/move and clicked the “move” button
  3. Tried logging in again in the new panel at https://www.000webhost.com/cpanel-login?to=new

But when I do, it just redirects me again and again to the OLD PANEL. No matter what link I follow or what I try, I always end up being redirected to the OLD PANEL.

How to solve this problem and migrate my website ? How to access the new panel?

Thank you for help,

Before you ask me your usual questions:

  • YES, my account and website ARE ACTIVE
  • YES, I have clicked on “move” successfully and it is now displaying “You already have an account in the new panel!”
  • YES, I tried the links for BOTH the new and old panels, and BOTH REDIRECT TO THE OLD PANEL
  • NO, there is no option to “Create new website in new panel”, there isn’t even a “new panel” to begin with
  • NO, I will NOT create a new email address just because your code is flawed, it is not my role to solve your bugs

Here are some screenshots (step by step) of what is going on.

1- is what is displayed in my “migration page”:

2- Then, if I click login (same result if I follow any link to the “new” panel login), I get this page (2). As you can see, so far so good and it follows the guide !

3- Now, when I enter my credentials in the form and click “Log In”, it sends me to this page (3) Which is the OLD PANEL, NOT THE NEW ONE. And clearly you can see EVERYTHING IS ACTIVE.
Also, you can see there is NO OPTION TO CREATE A NEW WEBSITE !

If I try going further and click on “Go to CPanel”, it sends me, as predicted, to the OLD PANEL.


Make sure you’ve backed up your files first, then try to login to 000webhost.com again.


First off, please understand that the rules set for new users are in place for a reason - to prevent spam. Even senior members cannot post multiple of the same links, and they have many of the same restrictions. All of this is to prevent spam, that way a user can find what he needs or ask a question without any issues.

Second, the migration process is new, and we are migrating every single user. There are still more than 20K users that need to be migrated, so we can’t promise that your transition will be as smoothe as you want it to be. Try @Infinity’s solution above, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll escalate this to an admin.

Third, you will not lose your sub domain during the migration process.

Finally, please do not post negatively on the forum. If this continues, your account my be placed on a temporary hold. We do not want new users to be discouraged from asking a question. If you have negative comments that you wish to express, use the feedback category, not this thread. Please refrain from posting these concerns publicly, as the forum is a place for support, not negativity.


Have the same problem here.
And if I delete my account in old panel what will happen to automizzer.webatu.com and will I be able to have the same address to my new website in this domain?? And how to do this - just want to be sure before I delete my old account…



First of all, thank you very much for your quick answer. It brightened my mood somehow :slight_smile:

Secondly, I’m sorry if my post sounded so negative. The initial goal of my post was not to be negative, even if I admit my frustration might have impacted my style a bit. I have just spent a lot of precious time trying to follow the guides which are obviously not complete, looking through the forum for similar issues, and then spent even more time trying to write this message and dealing with limitation after limitation. Sorry if it wasn’t necessarily the nicest message but please understand the frustration it came from.

And yes, I fully understand there are rules for a reason. I also fully understand the first rule about the link limitation. Maybe, following your explanation, it should be done about the exact same link (as you mention), not different links. But I don’t really mind the link limitation to be honest, it’s not that bad, I just wrote them as plain text instead.

The real problem however was the image limitation. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see any logical reason to limit the number of images to just 1 … what does the number of images have to do with spam ? And even if it did have something to do with spam and you want to limit them, why just 1 ? If it was something like 2 or 3 I would understand (for spam and also for space optimisation), but 1 is really too little to fully explain and show a complex issue.

Also, my goal was never to discourage new users from asking questions, quite the opposite actually. I am simply stating why I, as one of these new users you’re talking about, was myself almost discouraged from asking a question due to these limitations, hoping it would maybe convince you to make them slightly more flexible (2 or 3 links instead of 1, 2 or 3 images instead of 1) in order to prevent new users from giving up halfway before sending their question like I almost did.

I think it’s much more constructive to post it here than to simply rant in a private message.

Also, one other reason why I was a bit frustrated when writing the message is that I found several posts of people having a similar problem, and ALL of them had no proper answer. None of them had an official answer, they were all answered by Infinity, who unfortunately seemed to not really grasp the problem these users were having because he just asked questions about whether they were active or not, then told them to “click on Infinity” and send him user credentials. He is not to blame at all, he is “just” a user, albeit senior user, and just the fact he tried helping is already good enough. It’s not like it’s his actual job, he’s just a nice community member and tried what he could to help.

Speaking of which, thank you Infinity for your advice, I will try that right away and let you know if it worked.

Again, I have no intention of being negative for no reason, I just wish to be constructive and bring my own tiny contribution to this forum by explaining what almost discouraged me to post here.

Thanks again to both of you for answering so quickly, it doesn’t happen often in such forums :slight_smile:



If you use my image above and backup your files, databases then delete the old account after migration move page, then you can use the “set web address” on new panel to select your subdomain.

Select add domain on this page and then free subdomain


I understand.

Regarding the limitations, I can’t really answer your questions. I don’t set the rules, I just enforce them. I will show your suggestions to @andrius, who is the leader around here.

As far as what I said about negativity, please forgive me - I didn’t mean to sound agitated, it’s just part of the rules that moderators are trusted to enforce.

As a thank you for your suggestions, I have promoted your trust level, which will lift a few of the limitations you speak of.


When I click my name in customer details and then delete I get information ‘You have active accounts’ and nothing really changes


My apologies!

Hit enter cPanel first on your active sites, then go all the way down the control panel.

Now hit cancel account.

Now hit your name and delete :slight_smile:


Although I managed to delete my account without doing that I just hit “Delete” and it did it.

Cant login to new Panel. Still see old Panel!

Deleted the old account as you posted.
Created a new website in new panel and uploaded files via ftp, seems to work for automizzer.000webhostapp.com but I’ve set web address to automizzer.webatu.com as you posted but I get 404 there.


Clear your cache :smiley:


No problem, nothing to forgive. It’s your job to make sure nobody oversteps :wink:

And thanks for the trust level, I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

By the way, I removed the “PS” from my original post, now that you’ve seen it no need to leave it there.


I don’t know what happend…
Tried to clear my 3 browsers cache, check over VM, flushdns but it didn’t work. Went to take a shower and when got back it works just fine :stuck_out_tongue: maybe dns server fault… Only thing after migration my website have lost special characters, have to code it again properly.
Anyway, thank you for your help :slight_smile:
And a small last question - new 000webhost servers have ping disabled?? I used a simple method to ping to my site and check if it’s online but now its timed out


No ping works fine.
What is your site?


ping automizzer.webatu.com
all timed out


Weird works fine here, with the new cloud infrastructure though I pinged your site 4 times and the IP changed each time and it will always change too.


I tried ‘ping automizzer.webatu.com’ in a cmd.exe window (in Windows Vista) and it timed out. The IP address it pinged was:
I tried it again a couple minutes later and it timed out again. The last two bytes of the IP address had changed:
How fast does the IP address change in the new cloud infrastructure? Does the frequent changing mean ping is unlikely to work?
For comparison, I also pinged my site, which is a subdomain at hostei.com, and the pings all timed out even though the IP address stayed the same. So I guess our problems with ping are probably not being caused by a rapidly changing IP address.


I’m not sure but I tried again today and they are timing out this will probably be because of the way it balances the load.


Unfortunatelly no pings response since yesterday :frowning: Should this be concidered as an issue/bug that could be solved by administrators?? Or it just has to be like that?? I have over 50 hops to the server and after 22 all are timed out if this matters…


Do you need a response?