Migration to new Panel support


Yes I do, I’m developing an app and it has a simple updater that pings to website and after response it checks for update. Maybe it was inconvenient to code it like this but now I have to rewrite the updater and the new version will not be found by the old app beacause of no response…


Ah gotcha’ oh well coding is always fun :checkered_flag:


So better start coding than wait for pings to work?? Just wonder if pings work on premium hosting servers by 000


Oh yeah ping works fine on premium you have your own premium hosting account and can even get a dedicated IP too.


OK, thank you for your help and support so far :slight_smile: greetz



I have also migrated to the new panel.
But I am not able to open my website from my domain. I have set the web address to my domain.

Accessible on freeuroconsult.000webhostapp.com but not able to access from www.freeuroconsult.com or freeuroconsult.com

I have deleted the cache and tried. But even then I am getting 404 page. Please help.


The sites http://freeuroconsult.com and http://www.freeuroconsult.com are working fine for me.

You can remove the 000webhost banner in the bottom right corner by going to Settings > General > Banner and switching it off.