Misidentification as abuse



My site ( stmartinsparish.000webhostapp.com )was apparently identified by a third party detection system as abuse?

The site is a wordpress blog which I have set up for my local parish church to migrate their web presence to once we finalise the content, I’m not sure what terms this breaches?


@Giedrius may help you.


Could someone please comment on this? I have sent the information but haven’t received any feedback :frowning:


Free hosting forum is not staffed constantly unlike premium you get on-demand support.

You’ll just need to wait for @Giedrius to get back to you sorry.


At this stage, I would even pay to upgrade to premium just to get some support on this, but I can’t even log in to my account to do this as it has been locked due to this misidentification…


@Giedrius seems to have fallen off the face of the earth :wink:

Sorry for the slowness.

@andrius any ideas? :slight_smile:

For upgrading to premium believe it or not you don’t need to login
Simply take out premium, submit a support ticket or use live chat and give them your 000webhost details and they’ll migrate your files/sites over free of charge.


Hi, your account is checked and unblocked, sorry for the inconvenience.