Missing cPanel already


I really don’t like this new service panel. I got moved in and settle in. But, the things so far I don’t like. Is I’m miss the www. in front of my subdomain name. As many search engines at this time is using the www. So that means who click on the www. links will get a Sever Not Found page. Plus I lost my subdomain name email address. Which I do know the reason, but I don’t have to like it.

Plus many services were lost, that Old Cpanel had to offer. I know I’m using a free service and maybe you had to downsize because of it.


If you are using a free subdomain or the 000webhostapp URL you cannot use www any longer

Solution is to purchase a premium domain and park/point it or use a FreeNom.com domain and again point/park it.

Your free subdomain can be taken out of use at any time so best not to rely on free subdomains for sites that you wish to create a huge deal out of, you are better off owning your domain at a registrar…

Regarding emails just the way it goes… too many abusive users so the feature was removed.