My account doesn't migrate to the new dashboard


Hi, I logged in my account and it redirected me to the panel. I was looking where I can make a new website account and there was none. Then I created another account at 000webhost and it redirected me to the new panel. Why my main account doesn’t migrate to the new dashboard? I tried re-logging a lot of times, please help,


Is your old site online? If not then start again.

  1. Visit

  2. Create a new email address

  3. Make a new account with said new email address

  4. Upload your website/data

  5. Take regular backups of your data

Premium web hosting is available from $3.99 and backups can be configured automatically…


I have everything on my main email address. I don’t want to create new ones, is it possible to change email address?


Oh I forgot, yes my site is online.


So your old panel account can you access it?

If you want to create new sites you need to use the new panel.


When I login through your link it redirects me to the old dashboard, and I can’t create any new websites.


Hmm use the new panel to create new sites then :frowning:


How can I use it? I told you that it redirects me to the old panel


Log out of any 000webhost accounts, visit, using a different or creating a new email address, sign up a new account and the new panel will load with creation abilities.


I want to use my current account as I have every acc on there… wont make an exception


Hi the new panel is where you can create accounts and make changes to websites using the new panel, you cannot use the old panel now to create websites as it would cause migration issues I think or at least more issues.

You’d be better off creating a new account and reuploading on the new panel as everyone will use it eventually I think?


Then why my account doesn’t migrate to the new panel?


I think there is a queue and sites migrate over in some sort of order.