My claim request has not been paid yet for more than 10 business days now


I already reached a certain goal and requested a claim and it says Goals are processed within 10 business days. I requested a claim last 2017-03-01 04:00 and waited till now. It/s already more than 10 business days as to this writing i haven’t get any payment or an update.for claim. To whom it may concern please respond why is this happening?


Have you genuine referrals?


Yes, and i have currently 17-20 more referrals pending for activation which i don’t know them.


@andrius :slight_smile:


Hi andrius,

Please hear my concern. I am confident that this issue will be resolve as soon as you see this post.

Thanks in advance.


Hi akhilkumar332,

Thanks for your time on this matter. On the other hand as of this moment, andrius is not yet responding on my issue. How am I going to attract his attention? Please advice.


What does your panel suggest/ your requests page look like?


@vtsoft every goal request has a manual review process. Please wait for approval.




@andrius Thanks for the response. Okay I’ll wait.


@andrius Please explain why the status of my request claim is now cancelled?


Your refferals had facebook phishing websites


@andrius I thought once it is active and earned it’s already been checked (by you / in-charge) to qualify for payment. So what happens now to those really legit websites that are worthy for payments which unfortunately included to the cancelled claim request?


Every single referral should be genuine or else it will be cancelled.


@akhilkumar332 The entire claim request is cancelled just because of a single not genuine referral or those with phishing websites. How am i going to segregate them from the genuine ones based on your current referral system panel?


Only refer users who will not break the ToS.


How will i know that they will not break the ToS since those referrals came from reddit, google and facebook. I think the control here is that users like me can filter them (i.e. we can see their websites and can be allowed to remove them from our referrals if we see that they violate the rules. This will also lessen the role of administrator.and help him escape delays in manual checking each websites and process goals exactly within 10 business days and not exceed anymore. This just just an idea to make referral system more efficient and reliable in the future.


@vtsoft i totaly agree with you. You are right in this situation and affiliate system will be updated to have ability to select refferals for which goal can be requested.


@andrius Thank you so much for hearing me. I can’t wait to see the updates. I hope my ideas/suggestions help improve the system and not gives you more burden.