My domain contains words blacklisted


My domain contains words blacklisted, please advise?


What is the domain in question.
Also what is your website about?


It is


Hi @NickRay!

What is the purpose of your website?


To get people to use there phones more


Could you please be more explicit…


More explicit? There is no real purpose for my website, do I have to have one to host wit you?


The purpose is to park a domain.

#9 sounds like a phishing/hacking domain.

I have whitelisted it, however we will keep an eye to your account for a while.

Please follow this tutorial and point your domain using CNAME records instead:


Oh no definately will not be doing anything bad like that. Will hope to sell the domain for more money than I paid. Thank you


000webhost has been intended to be a hosting provider for web developers and students. Such kind of actions are usually prohibited.


I am developing my html skills and 000webhost is really helping me with this.


Ok. I hope it does :wink:


Indeedy :wink: and thank you very much!


You’re welcome :blush: